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Virtual Cooking Classes Team Building

Have Fun And Engage Your Remote Team While Saving Money For Your Company

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ChefPassport is Global  Leader for Virtual Corporate Cooking Events

Real Chefs, Real Food, Real Time

For Small, Medium and Large Groups

Boost Morale

Boost Morale

We help Senior Leaders of multinational companies have fun and boost the morale of their remote teams while saving money.


Food and Culture

Over 70 different menus offered by 10 Chefs across 15 countries.


Ingredient Delivery

Ingredient Box Delivered to every participant prior to the event*

powered by

*see FAQ for delivery coverage


Connect Team Members

We connect remote colleagues worldwide 5x faster, 12x more frequent and 10x cheaper than a traditional in-person event.


Tailor Made Formats

Different formats tailored to your team structure and need.


Personalized Gifts

Personalized kitchen goodies delivered to every participant to make your event unique.

200+ Customers, 5.000+ Users Across 50+ Countries and counting...

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Our Customers' Video Testimonial

ChefPassport & Amazon Automotive Europe
Amazon logo

Giuseppe Panarese

Head of Amazon Marketplace EU Automotive

"When we debriefed the event with ChefPassport the team unanimously considered the experience out of this world."


Giuseppe is the Head of Amazon EU Marketplace Automotive. He manage a sales team across Europe that brings on board 3rd party sellers offering their products on Amazon.
His team works mainly on automotive products and in the past it was natural to organize Go-karts as a team building activity. However after some years the team started finding this activity boring and repetitive. So they were looking for alternatives to the usual karting as team bonding activity. ChefPassport helped Giuseppe bring together 25 team members during a delicious virtual culinary trip to Greece.
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Quinn Romo

Cyber Protection Advisor @Acronis

"We wanted to have fun with our team scattered across different countries, but it is costly to gather together in person. For a large company like us, virtual events will always be the perfect way to get together teams, especially if employees are spread around the world. It is affordable and people are already used to the digital world. ChefPassport is a great, easy and rewarding solution!"


Quinn is the US-based Sales Lead of Acronis, a software company founded in Singapore in 2003 and incorporated in Switzerland in 2008 with employees from all over the world. Quinn wanted to organize a fun and rewarding activity for one of his teams based out of Eastern Europe. ChefPassport helped Quinn bringing together 15 team members on a virtual trip to Thailand to cook together Pad Thai, one of the most iconic Thai dishes.
ChefPassport & Amazon Business
Amazon logo

Paul Kikano

Head of Amazon Business Marketplace, Europe

"I would definitely recommend ChefPassport if you're looking for an alternative to the typical team event. This is a great alternative. It’s easily available, easy to organize, fun and different. If we were to do something similar in person, it would probably require more time and budget as we would have to book a place which would tell us that they would only be available after that many days, etc. The fact that we can do this with everyone being at home is great and increases attendance as they can just connect to the event and when done, continue with their lives at home"


“We chose ChefPassport among many other companies because of your high professionalism and your incredibly fast delivered our experience from scratch in 48 hours!"

"There are competitors offering a similar service but at an amateur level. ChefPassport is pro stuff.”


Boston Consulting Group Mexico reached out to ChefPassport on Tuesday 21 April as they had planned a corporate event to bond their 15 people remote team across Mexico and USA, but their supplier canceled with short notice 48 hours before the day. In less than 2 days, ChefPassport designed and planned a tailored offer for Boston Consulting Group, focused on Italian tradition, and delivered the experience on 23 April.

Who This Is For

This is for Senior Managers of multinational companies leading remote teams struggling to keep their team morale and looking for better, cheaper, faster ways to bring their teams together while making a positive impact on the business outcome.

Core Concept

Your remote team can have fun together and you can boost your employee engagement and sense of belonging if you organize an international trip and meet in person.


  • Travel is still limited because of the pandemic

  • In the future you will have to invest a ton of effort, time and money to organize such events

  • How many international gatherings can your company realistically organize? 1 per year? 1 per quarter?


Background on Matteo Ressa,
Founder and CEO ChefPassport

  • 2 MSc in Software Engineering and ICT Management (Honors)

  • 20 years experience in Digital Product Management leading international projects for major companies including Amazon, Vodafone, BMW

  • Founded his first startup Bammet at 25 based on a social network he developed

  • Started working with remote teams in 2015 and felt the urge of bringing more fun to geographically dispersed teams

  • Quit Amazon in 2018 to create ChefPassport and unite his passions: technology, cooking (inspired by his Italian grandma "nonna Armanda"), and global travel.

  • Helped hundreds of remote teams with thousands of participants have fun together while learning something new


Organize Fun Events For Your Remote Team

Old Way

The old way is to organize fun activities with a remote team only when you travel across cities and countries.


Old Result

The old way is to organize fun activities with a remote team only when you travel across cities and countries.

New Way

Have fun online with your remote team


New Result

Cheaper. Companies can organize fun events for their team at 1/10th of the cost

Plan Your Trips And Block Your Calendar Weeks/Months In Advance

Old Way

Organize well in advance your activities when you meet your remote team in person.


Old Result

Long Lead Time. In can take weeks or months to organize an in person gathering

New Way

Have fun with your team in one click. Online events can be set up in 24 hours and are not limited by geography


New Result

Higher Accessibility. Short Lead Time. Online Events can be organized x5 faster than in person event

Invest Time And Effort. Appoint a Project Manager To Lead The Event Organization

Old Way

In-person meetings require inevitable logistic and organizational complexity to set up. Often you have to allocate internal resources for a long time to lead the event organization


Old Result

High organizational complexity


New Way

Online events rely on technology to simplify organization. There is no logistics.


New Result

Online Events reduce the internal effort and complex project management required to organize in person events

Meet Your Remote Team Only 3-4 Times Per Year (in the best case scenario)

Old Way

Low frequency. Remote teams can have fun together only a few hours per year


Old Result

Low frequency. Remote teams can have fun together only a few hours per year


New Way

Online events rely on technology to simplify organization. There is no logistics.

New Result

High frequency. Online events can be organized with a 12x higher cadence (monthly or event weekly)

...In Order To Have Fun With Your Remote Team...


The old way is to organize fun activities with a remote team only when you travel across cities or countries because remote teams are limited to meet in person by geographical distance. These activities require inevitable logistic costs and organizational complexity to set them up.


Smart working is here to stay. There will be more and more need for teams to get together regardless their geographical location. Leverage innovative processes, technologies and solutions to bring your remote ream together more frequently.


Because research shows that a satisfactory, rewarding and fun activity has a high impact on employee engagement ultimately reducing attrition and improving productivity.

More Fun → Higher Employee Engagement → Higher Happiness → Higher Team Spirit → Less risk that an employee wants to leave the company → Less costs for the company to replace the old resource and ramp up a new one.

A multinational company with hundreds of employees can reduce its yearly attrition cost by 24% by organizing frequent fun activities for its staff. This translates for a 20-person team to an average saving of 21K€/year in attrition cost for every 60 minutes spent in highly engaging and fun team activities.

The Secret?

All you need to do is to bring your team together for a fun online event and you can boost your team engagement while saving up to 24% in attrition costs and make the event happen 5x faster, 12x more frequent and 10x cheaper than a traditional in person event. 


Research shows that a satisfactoryrewarding and fun activity has a high impact on employee engagement ultimately reducing attrition and improving productivity.

When one sits back and breaks down the goals of team building, the similarities are comparable to the skills needed to succeed in the kitchen.

What are these synergistic bullet points and how can they merge business with “pleasure”?

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving and Decision making
  • Troubleshooting
  • Planning and adaptability
  • Building trust

When one reads over these traits, it is very easy to see that they are also “key” points of focus used in many facets of life. When in the kitchen, not only is communication a given, but how many times have you encountered a recipe and did not have an ingredient! For those with allergies or dietary restrictions, modifying can be in some cases, life or death, creating the need to troubleshoot and adapt and problem solve. 

The ability to take what is needed for business success and merge the underlying tactics needed in the kitchen is a win-win for individuals, teams and organizations.

Read this study research for a full explanation.

Every ChefPassport experience includes
  • ChefPassport Virtual Cooking Lesson with a Top Chef Instructor
  • Dedicated Support for Event Organization and Moderation
  •  Online Travel Agenda document presenting ingredients, kitchenware, recipes and methods
  • 30 min Virtual Dine Rooms: at the end of each event

You can enrich and tailor your experience to your need by including the following add-ons

  • Ingredient Box Delivery
  • Kitchen Goodies Souvenir Delivery (Personalized Aprons, Chef's Hats, Cutlery)
  • "Pitch Your Dish" to the Chef (Funny Competition)
  • "Dish Challenge" (Funny competition)
  • Virtual Dine Rooms
  • Parallel Session:
  • VIP Guest
  • Custom Streaming Tool
  • Session Recording:

We are constantly expanding our menu offering and onboarding more Top Chef Instructors from all over the world. At the moment, we propose over 100 menus across the following cuisines:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Filipino
  • Mexican
  • Argentinian
  • Moroccan
  • Luxembourgish

Do you need help in selecting your menu or are you looking for another cuisine or a specific dish? Ask your Online Travel Guide during the Discovery call and she will be able to give you our best recommendation.

ChefPassport Business services are fully account managed. You will receive dedicated in person support from one of our ChefPassport Online Travel Guides throughout the process, from the organization, to the planning and execution.

To kick off the booking process, click here and fill the onboarding form  Once we receive your your request, your Online Travel Guide will reach out in the following hour to check your availability for a quick Discovery Call to discuss more in details your event requirements. 

ATTENTION: If you do not hear from us within one business day check your spam folder

It depends on the menu you will be selecting and the related Top Chef Instructor. Our service operates worldwide, hence sometimes, due to the time difference, some experiences might not be available across every time zone. Ask your Online Travel Guide during the Discovery call and she will check and confirm the availability of the Chef for the experience you are interested in. 

It depends. If you include ingredients or aprons delivery, we required final confirmation and prepayment at least 2 week prior to the event, to allow us organize the delivery with our shipping suppliers. If you chose experience only we can delivery your events with only 48 hour of notice! Every booking confirmation is always subject to the chef availability at the desired date and time. Ask availability confirmation to your Online Travel Guide during your Discovery Call. 

Sit down, relax, and let your Virtual Event Manager take care of the organization! Should you chose ingredient or aprons delivery you are expected to provide the home addresses of each participants at least 2 weeks prior to the event to allow us organize the delivery.  Should you chose experience only, we just need you to provide the list of email addresses of the participants to invite. If your company has a stringent policy in terms of sharing employees information externally, we would require one point of contact only and this person will forward internally the communication we will be sending.  

Yes. All our menus are designed with our expert Chefs in a way that with a simple ingredient substitution, they could turn into vegetarian or vegan menus. Ask your Online Travel Guide during the Discovery call should you any of your participants have more specific dietary restrictions or allergies. 

We can accommodate Small, Medium and Large groups. From 10 to thousands of participants. 

We provide three different event formats based on the group size:

  • TeamCook - Up to 40 participant. Ideal for Highly Interactive and Fun Virtual Team Building
  • Cookinar - from 41 to 200 participants. Ideal for broader company events or across organizations (e.g. Dinner at the end of a full day virtual offsite)
  • Cookcast - over 200 participants. deal for Lunches/After work-Networking Cocktails during Global Virtual Conferences



Yes, depending on the desired format and selected add-ons a minimum number of 10 participants for a TeamCook, 40 participant for a Cookinar and 200 participants for a Cookcast might be required. This can vary. Ask your Online Travel Guide during your Discovery Call.

Absolutely! Everyone in each participant's households is welcome. Kid love cooking and are often great sous-chefs! 

It depends. All our events are tailor made to your need and the optional services you select. The additional services impact the price (e.g. if you select sushi and ingredient delivery, the price will be higher that a pasta-making experience with a shopping list and no ingredient delivery). 

The most basic TeamCook Event with Shopping List only starts at 1,499.00€ and can host up to 20 participants.

Additional participants after 20, as well as participants to events with ingredients and aprons delivery  are billed per person, and the price depends on the selected menu.

After the Discovery call, your Online Travel Guide will create and Initial Proposal for you with a quote based on your high level requirements. Further down the process, as you clarify more details, the Initial Proposal will be turned into an Official Proposal  and submitted to you for final approval. 



Despite we accommodate from time to time 60 minute experiences, the ideal duration is 90 or 120 minute. Participants can have different cooking skills and we want to guarantee a level playing field for everyone. Virtual cooking requires multitasking, attention and precision.

In order to make sure everyone enjoys a fun, relaxing and rewarding experience, we recommend to keep the menus simple and we suggest to choose at least a 90 minutes session of cooking to leave enough room to every participant to enjoy the experience at their pace. 

How to prepare your ingredients

Tips and tricks
We understand that during the pandemic, it might take a bit of time to figure out the best way to make that grocery store trip. We thank you for your dedication to ChefPassport and support
in adding a few extra ingredients to your shopping list. We recommend that you get your ingredients the day of or a few days before your course.

How to prepare your kitchenware

Tips and tricks
We recommend that before your Online Cooking Class that you wash, clean, and dry your kitchenware tools.

How to prepare your food

Tips and tricks

We recommend that you clean and wash all vegetables and fruits before the course. Be sure to refer to your Online Travel Agenda to measure the quantities and how to prepare
individual ingredients, before your class.
Do not cut your ingredients unless otherwise instructed in your Online Travel Agenda.

How to login for the event

Tips and tricks
You should log in and test your equipment ten minutes before the course starts time.

For desktop or laptop users:
Watch this short video if you have trouble getting into Zoom with your desktop.

For mobile device users
Watch this short video if you are having trouble getting into Zoom with your mobile.

How to use technology during the event login for the event

Tips and tricks

You will see the Chef on multiple screens. We suggest that you pin the screen that has
the most action so you can get a close-up view of the techniques used.

Watch this short video on how to pin a screen on Zoom.

In a TeamCook session keep your video on during the session - so the Chef can engage with you and see how you are doing.
Interact and speak with the Chef when you have questions or want to learn more about
a certain technique, ingredient, dish story, etc. - remember where your mic is, unmute
and speak clearly if needed.

Absolutely yes! Evert event is moderated by a ChefPassport Virtual Event Producer in charge of opening the line, welcoming everyone, briefly introducing and explaining how the event takes place, monitoring the chat, launching polls and promoting conversations across the participants to guarantee an open, fun, relaxing and friendly environment!




Fill Your Event Request

We will use this information to create a tailor-made quote for you. Once submitted, your ChefPassport Online Travel Guide will contact you within 1 business day.

(Attention! Check your spam folder if you do not hear from us in the next business day)